Mon Jan 03 2022
Bastion's microservices and how they are powered
The multple microservices that make up Bastion and how they are powered by the cloud services of DigitalOcean and Vercel.

As of writing this post Bastion has been added to more than 5000 Discord servers that make up more than a million users!

The average user that interacts with Bastion only sees the Bot client. But what actually makes up Bastion?

  • Bastion Bot — The application you install in your systems that powers the Discord Bot Applications.
  • Bastion API Server — The web server running along side the bot that exposes REST APIs to directly interact with the bot.
  • Omnic — The backend server that does most of the data gathering and processing work so that the bot can simply request data from the server without ever needing to do anything on users' systems.
  • Website — The main website that users first see when they search for Bastion
  • Dashboard — The web dashboard to manage Bastion from the browser and the site that powers every community's public page.

All these services interact with each other and run 24x7 across multiple servers to power all the communities that depend on Bastion from across the world.

To run all these services without any downtime Bastion depends on some amazing cloud service providers. Bastion uses multiple DigitalOcean droplets to run all its backend services including the bot application. And to run the website and dashboard Bastion uses Vercel. Both these service providers provide some really amazing services and if you're reading this you should definitely check them out!