Thu Oct 01 2020
How to add custom icons in iOS?
Here's how you can make use of Siri Shortcuts to add custom icons in iOS.

Android users have always been able to customize app icons. Well, at least long before iOS users. iOS jailbreakers have been doing this for quite a while too.

When iOS first introduced Siri Shortcuts, it allowed users to add custom icons to their home screen. But it wasn't until the release of iOS 14 that introduced Widgets, App Library and the ability to hide homescreen icons that opened up a whole new world for iOS customization.

And here's how you can add custom icons in iOS

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Add a new Shortcut.
  3. Tap the Add Action button.
  4. Select the Scripting action.
  5. Select the Open App option.
  6. Select the app whose icon you wanna change.
  7. Add it to your homescreen. Here you can even select to show it in your Apple Watch.
  8. Set a name for your app, choose an icon, and Add the shortcut.
  9. Voilà. You now have a custom icon for your app.
  10. Optionally, remove the default icon from your homescreen so you don't have duplicates.

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